DESHAD is a young sri lankan pop artist. His melodies are influenced by Country Music and Classical Music, Classical Rock & Reggae. And his lyrics are influenced by Many more genres.his passion for music first began when he was just a kid who sang along everyday with other kids while in the kindergarten to his primary school years.

While he was doing his Ordinary Level Exams, he and his school buddies formed a band called “BISCUITZ”. And they even performed in NELUM POKUNA in a school band competition. In the same days he turned to play the guitar very often and fell in love with it. Later since he wanted to do solo, decided to leave the band and focus on his Solo Career.

As the years passed he has began to notice that his talent for making music. so he wrote his first Single with his childhood friend Sajith Madushan. ”HEENAYE THANIWELA MAMA” back in 2013. But the song everyone loved back then was the Single “MAL THALANNE NA (2014)” which was written by DESHAD and “SIRA KANDAWURA(2014)” written By Milinda Madushan Perera.

When he first released his debut single in 2018  -”SIRA KANDAWURA ft MOONTORC to the YOUTUBE with his college roommate “MOONTORC”  who’s also an artist and an EDM producer. It was a huge success. His music career officially started from that day onward. He’s a Singer,Composer,Songwriter and a Guitar Lover.