Ratheeshan Razy

I am Ratheeshan Razy from batticaloa. A marketer by profession and wants to become a singer by passion. Since my childhood I have been interested in singing but there were no ways to learn professionally but I tried to learn by myself and practised more times to sing. I am still searching for the right platform to reveal my talent and wanna become a professional singer. I am quite interested in acting too. I believe that hard work and endless effort leads to the place where I want to be. So I am eagerly waiting to show my talent and to be recognized by you all soon as a singer. Actually my family background is more important to tell. My father is a school principal and my mother is a teacher and we were 5 in our family before I got married. Now we are 3 in my family. Basically my father is also pretty interested in singing so maybe that also made me fall in love with music. So This is about me guys. Keep supporting the people like me who wanna archive and come up in their interested industries. Special thanks to Urban Records Entertainment to find us and encourage people like us.